Take the guesswork out of budgeting for a four-year degree with the CSU Guarantee. For new students entering in Fall 2018, your tuition and room and board charges are now guaranteed for four years, making it easier to plan for and manage the costs associated with completing your degree.

Below are answers to the most common questions regarding the CSU Guarantee. You can also contact us at:

Campus411 All-in-1 Enrollment Services


1. How does the CSU Guarantee work?

Tuition and room and board charges will not increase for eligible first-time undergraduate students entering in Fall 2018 for the four-year period from initial enrollment as a degree-seeking student. Students who begin their undergraduate career one semester early in Summer 2018 and continue in Fall 2018 will be included in the CSU Guarantee effective in the Fall 2018 semester.

The CSU Guarantee ends after four years, regardless of whether a student is enrolled full time or part time.

2. I’m a transfer student. Does the CSU Guarantee apply to me?

Yes, the plan also applies to eligible undergraduate new transfer students for their guarantee period, which is a proportional period of time based on the student’s transferrable credits. Transfer students are encouraged to contact All-in-1 Enrollment Services for assistance in determining the duration of their guarantee.

3: What’s included in the CSU Guarantee?

Undergraduate tuition and room and board pricing are included in the plan for students entering Fall 2018. Rates are as follows:

Undergraduate In-state Tuition
Instructional and Technology Fees: $8,890
Student General Fee: $1,330
Intercollegiate Athletics Sports Fee: $72
Career Services Fee: $96
Total Tuition: $10,388
Average Room and Board Cost*: $12,457
Total: $22,845

*Fees for room and board depend on the student’s residence hall and meal plan selections. The above rate represents the average room and board cost only.

The CSU Guarantee does not include specific course and service fees, college-specific fees, program fees, student health insurance fees or any charges incurred by students such as late fees for library materials. In addition, credit hours exceeding 18 hours per semester, which fall outside CSU’s undergraduate tuition band of 12 to 18 credits, are not included in the guarantee.

4. Are there exceptions to the four-year guarantee?

The plan allows for an appeals process where students may request an extension of the four-year guarantee period for specific circumstances. A mandatory exception not requiring an appeal is military service. An example of a non-mandatory exception requiring an appeal is enrollment in a degree program that requires more than 120 hours for graduation.

5. What happens after my guarantee period expires?

If you do not complete your degree within your initial guarantee period and you don’t receive an exception, you’ll be assigned the tuition rate that went into effect following your initial cohort period for up to one year. If you are still enrolled after the additional year, you’ll then be placed into the subsequent cohort for the following year. This pattern of reassignment continues until you’re no longer enrolled at CSU.

6. Can I opt out of the CSU Guarantee?

Participation is required for all first-time degree-seeking undergraduates and new undergraduate transfer students enrolling in the Summer 2018 semester or later.